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Welcome to Orchid massage!

Orchid massage is a a fresh decorated salon where you get a quiet massage without being disturbed. All of those working at the salon has many years of experience and training from Bangkok in Thailand.

The masseuse uses not only their hands but the whole body, such as the forearms, elbows, knees and feet. Thai Traditional Massage or "Nuat phaen borane," as it is called in Thai is a treatment technique that strengthens and balances the body's energy system.

By the mechanical processing detached blockages and tension that causes pain and suffering. The process is very thorough and accurate. Every muscle and joint will be part of the treatment.

Thai massage

Thai Massage is a well-functioning treatment technique that stretches the joints and muscles to their resting position. By treating pressure points on the body and then extends out the treated body becomes relaxed.

Oil massage

Aromatherapy or oil massage given by different types of oil that has individual characteristics that affect people in different ways worked into the muscles of the body during the massage. It helps the body's muscles to strike a balance through the relaxing massage.

Orchid massage

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Phone: 0480 - 47 07 00

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